Wonderful Folks at Walmart!

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DID YOU KNOW… there are wonderful folks at Walmart!
Recently Mark (our President)was checking out at Walmart with a cart FULL of bedding sets. A gentleman behind him in line remarked, “It looks like you’re having a slumber party!” Well, Mark explained, “We build beds for local kids in need. You’d be surprised how many of our local kids don’t have beds to sleep on.”
The gentleman replied,, “No, I wouldn’t be surprised. I was one of them 26 years ago.” (WOW!!!)
As Mark was finishing loading his truck, the same man drove up and asked about our mission. Mark described how we start with lumber, cut, sand, drill and even paint Bible verses on the slats. We also provide a new mattress, bedding, books, a teddy bear, and a hand-made prayer mat, in case the floor is bare.” The fellow shopper was interested in becoming a volunteer, asked when the next work day would be held, took Mark’s card and went on his way.
He was a bright spot in the day- in an unexpected place!
He may or may not follow up…only the Lord knows. But one man knows there are people who care about kids in need… just as he had once been. I’m hoping to meet this gentleman soon.
You just never know who you’ll meet atWalmart.