Work With Us

Join us in bringing beds to the kids who need them. If your organization is in a position to know about children who do not have beds, please call us at (941) 290 – 2774 so that we can help. We want to work with you to bring beds to the children in Manatee and Sarasota Counties!

Our Partnership Testimonials

"We know from our history of working together with Beds for Kids, that children will be provided a brand-new bed free-of-charge to help them sleep better, often in a new environment. We appreciate their care and concern for the healthy development of children and the importance of getting a good night's sleep."
Rick Wells, Sheriff
Manatee County, Florida
"The children who have received beds from Beds for Kids exude pride from something they can call "theirs." A good night's rest in their brand-new bed rather than the back seat of a car, a carpeted floor, or a shared air mattress, sets these children up to be able to be more attentive during school so that they can succeed! With all of this said, please understand this: It is not just that Beds for Kids provides a bed. It is how Beds for Kids provides a bed. It is the compassion in which the bed is delivered, it is the hope that is birthed from that generous gift, is it the gentle nudge which silently conveys, "You can do this!" That is what Beds for Kids provides with each bed received."
Brittany Keller, Director of Client Services
Care Net Manasota Pregnancy Center
"We support this wonderful organization and continue our partnership every school year. Due to their dedication and efforts, our students benefit from a healthy environment which results in better performance at school and in their well-being."
Brenda Rossi
Project Heart
"On behalf of Safe Children Coalition, Inc., it is our pleasure to support Beds for Kids, as a partner in meeting children's needs for a safer and healthier life. Our agencies are dedicated to improving safety, permanency and well-being for all children and families in both Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Together we work to provide the best care for children and strive to minimize any gaps in their needs."
Brena Slater

Safe Children Coalition